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Every day I am inspired to capture fleeting moments of joy and turn them into eternal memories. I believe that love changes you, whether that be loving a partner or finally being confident in your own skin. Everyone deserves the chance to have love captured on camera, and I believe that experience should be authentic and personal. When I relocated to this beautiful city that I now call home, I knew that it was the start of something new. It feels so right to be here with you, now! Charleston, let’s make some memories.


I am an award-winning wedding photographer based out of Charleston, SC.
Marley Photography, LLC began while I attended college at Charleston Southern University. I had taken courses on photography and had professional gear - which naturally made me the go-to guy for newly engaged classmates! You could say that the wedding industry found me! 
After hundreds of weddings, engagements, and events… a wife and three kids later, I can say that I am truly honored to capture milestones in life that are never repeated again. 


I first got behind a lens in 2012 while I was a musician touring far and wide with my band. In an effort to produce our own photo and video content, I was shooting tons of photos and producing videos that would collect millions of YouTube views and television airplay all around the world.

In 2015 I relocated to Charleston.

Once I arrived I decided that my camera was going to be my livelihood.  When I’m not working you can most likely find me digging through my record collection, surfing, or taking trips down to Walt Disney World.

Surrender Films

Abby + Tim | Hotel Bennett Wedding

Surrender Films

Tori + Jamie | Cedar Room Wedding

Surrender Films

Alexis + Hutson | Merchants Hall Wedding

Surrender Films

Alissa + Ralph | Pepper Plantation

Samantha + Michael

Samantha + Michael | Engagement

Surrender Films

Courtney + Bobby | Magnolia Plantation - Veranda

Surrender Films

Olivia + Andres | Alhambra Hall Wedding

Kayla + Greg

Kayla + Greg | Destination Wedding

Surrender Films

Devon + Dylan | Cannon Green Wedding

Surrender Films

Haley + Nick | Boone Hall Plantation Cotton Dock

Savannah + Cody

Savannah + Cody | Engagement

Bekah + Ryan

Rebekah + Ryan | Engagement

Surrender Films

Rachel + Alex | Wild Dunes Wedding

Surrender Films

Melissa + Thomas | Beach Wedding

Destination Wedding

Connor + Chris | Destination Wedding

Surrender Films

Ali + Jennings | The Island House Wedding

Connor + Seth

Connor + Seth | Destination Wedding

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